Ecology of Prosperity Training System

We provide individual and organizational consulting and coaching as well as workshops and seminars.  Please visit the Ecology of Prosperity YouTube channel to see some of Mike’s content.

What is the Ecology of Prosperity?

The Ecology of Prosperity is an approach to individual and organizational success that is based on the principles that are embodied in resilient ecosystems.  Nature creates abundance and success.  We simply have to study it to discover her secrets.  When we apply the principles that are already acting upon us in nature, we stop swimming up stream and start down the path to success filled with grace, beauty and love.



The Ecology of Prosperity:  Goal Setting and Realization DVD and Companion Workbook

This DVD and workbook is designed to help you articulate your goals and create a support structure around you that will maximize your probability for success.  It is intended for people who a serious about achieving their goals.  If you work through the exercises and take the recommended actions and approaches in this workbook, we guarantee you will achieve more, enjoy more and do more good in the world in the process!

Why our coaching, consulting and workshops are so effective:

  •  Virtually no will power needed.   Very few of us can make substantial change on will power alone.  Ecosystems show us what we need to succeed without relying on will power.
  •  Achieve results that last.   Nature uses long terms strategies to succeed, I will show you how to as well.
  • Free and proven. After learning the principles that abundant ecosystems are based on, you can use them again and again at no cost to you, secure in the knowledge that they have been proven to work over billions of years.
  • Focus for maximum results.  Taking advantage of your inherent strengths and leaving the rest up to your ecosystem will maximize your potential to thrive.
  • Good for all.  Using the principles of resilient ecosystems will heal and invigorate you and everyone you touch now and for the long term.

How are our products and services different?

Most workshops just give you information and then turn you loose.  We will begin and sustain the process of creating new habits.  The Ecology of Resolution is about results.  Nature does not philosophize, nature acts and the results are beautiful and bountiful.  The main sessions and the progress follow up sessions are designed to maximize your potential for success and give you the progress, structure, tools and knowledge you need to sustain that success for as long as you like.  You will not be left alone to accomplish your vision.   In nature we are never alone.  The level of support you will get in this seminar is unparalleled.

   Who should participate.

The Ecology of Prosperity is for anyone who is committed to the environment and/or social welfare and wants to create more in their personal and/or professional pursuits.  It is for people who want to evolve and realize more of their latent potential.  If you are serious about moving forward on your goals,willing to work for it and willing to support and be supported, then you can benefit tremendously from this workshop.

Even if you have failed on every goal you ever made, our services can work for you.  This system really does work because it does not rely on willpower, it relies on the power of nature itself.

Note:   Please have, at a minimum, a burning desire to succeed and an idea of the result you would like to accomplish.

Who is the Instructor?
Mike Stokes, creator of The Ecology of Prosperity Training System

Mike Stokes is a Personal and Organizational Coach teaching the Ecology of Prosperity system.  He is in private practice and consults and teaches internationally.  He is the co-founder in 2006 of Abundant Life Support Group.  He has founded and run 3 successful ecologically restorative businesses.  In his previous career as a yoga instructor and writer, he formulated his ecological approach to human development.  Mike currently lives in Monte Rio, CA in a small farmstead community of three households,  where they make and sell milk, cheese, honey, and eggs to the local community.

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