Ecological principles to help achieve your goals: Principle 1 Diversity

The principles that make ecosystems work can be categorized into 7 major principles. Those same principles when applied correctly to your goals will enable you to succeed at a much higher level then you currently do.

The principles are


Today lets talk about diversity. All ecosystems require diversity to function optimally. Diversity is what creates stability in an ecosystem. Since the invention of finance people have been applying this principle to investing. We all know that a diverse investment portfolio is a stable one. The same is true in ecosystems as in every other area of life.

So how do you apply this principle to your goals. First to have a diverse group of poeple that you go to for support be that informational, emotional or physical. Second is to gather your information regarding your goal from diverse sources. The more sources you check, the closer to the best information you will get. Third is to allow for a diverse set of actions on your way to achieving your goal. What seems to be the best route today may in fact be the slowest when new information comes your way.

Example goal

Have an amazing, vital, joyful long term romantic relationship.

Applying principle 1 Diversity

Read a wide variety of books on the subject, go to a wide variety of workshops, talk to a wide variety of people in and out of relationships(make sure to learn from the mistakes as well as the successes of other people). Try a wide variety of approaches. Learn what works what does not and adapt to the new information. The mistake that many people make is that they try the same thing and expect a different result. It really does not work to just focus on diversity, you have to do all the principles simultaneously. So along with trying a diversity of tactics, conserve your energy, pay attention to feedback and adapt, Do your part, take care of yourself, but contribute to the whole, stay consistent on a macro scale, keep the things that sustain your life in proper balance.

Relationships are a complex, interdependent dance just like an ecosystem. I think it is a good example to start with. We tend to think that we can find a silver bullet that will solve everything, but it does not work that way, we must stay continually aware and evolve with the changing conditions and at the same time make sure that the ecosystem of our relationship is getting all the nutrients, water, energy, warmth, connections, and feedback that it needs to stay healthy.

I hope this has been helpful. I will continue to post new information as I can. Soon we will be starting a new website dedicated to this new approach to living.

With love and respect,


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