Ecological principles to help achieve your goals: Principles 4 and 5 Interdependence and Niche-ing

In a thriving ecosystem, there are literally billions of interdependent interactions among creatures in that ecosystem. This is the bedrock of the abundance that nature creates. The abundance is a direct result of the complex interdependence among creatures. In our lives we can use this principle to create a similar abundance. by mimicking these types of relationships. Each Species and individual within each species exploits a niche in the system. Anywhere that a resource is under utilized, some creature evolves to utilize that resource. For example some ants use fungi to digest plant matter for them making it possible for them to have a huge food source that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Similarly, in our personal and professional pursuits we can begin to locate and utilize resources, to benefit the whole as well as yourself. In order to do this effectively, we need to niche. What I mean by niche-ing is to focus your efforts in the direction of your natural strength and interests and values.

Wishing you and all of life health, happiness and prosperity.

Mike Stokes

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