On building an empower Social Ecosystem

I hope this Sunny Friday in February has been a great one for you.  The last Ecology of Prosperity support meeting was very powerful and helpful.  The theme of the evening was the importance developing your social ecosystem.  And there are two keys to that.  One main key is developing trust.  The second is all parties involved getting and giving value. It is those mutually beneficial trusting loyal long term relationships that are at the root of success, prosperity, health and happiness.  So how do we develop and strengthen those relationships.  Here are a few suggestions:

1)  If you need new relationships, look for people who share your values and interests and reach out to them.
2)  When you find those people who enrich your life, enrich their life.
3)  Actively seek to find ways in which you can add more value to their life.
4)  Communicate with them on a regular basis.  Do fun things together. Do projects together.  Do service together.
5)  Work on a project that is important to them.
6)  Be an Indian giver.  The Native American’s had it right.  All healthy relationship between humans and between humans and nature are reciprocal.  In order for a relationship to thrive, both parties need to benefit from it.  If you always give you will burn out and resent.  If you always take you will become vain and eventually sad and alone.  So seek reciprocity in all relations.  Give to those you have taken from and receive from those whom you have given.
7)  Be clear.  Offer what you have to offer and ask for what you want.  Be compassionate but not a door mat.  If a relationship lacks reciprocity, deal with it.  Make clear requests. Keep the lines of communication open.  Be willing to work things out.  All long term relationships have their moments of strain.  If people leave your social ecosystem as a result of your requests and your offerings, it is likely for the best.  It takes courage stand for empowered relationships.  A transformation of self means a transformation of your entire ecosystem, especially your social ecosystem.  As you grow in capacity and capability be prepared for change to happen around you.  Let go of any social ecosystem that is no longer aligned with your values and mission.  Begin to rely more on your social ecosystem that is aligned with your values and goals.
8)  Treat your relationships as life long bonds.  Seek out people who will do the same.  People who will stick it out through the hard times are the ones you want in your life in the long run.  In a world where people come and go, it is still those who have intimate relationships that last, who thrive on the deepest levels.

So in summary, One of the most important things we can do as Earthlings is to develop and maintain mutually beneficial trusting relationships among humans and among our community of living creatures.  Give and take, be clear, make it last, and enjoy each other. The greatest form of wealth is having deep, lasting, meaningful relationships.  May you all be truly wealthy.

Next meeting same place, Happy Place Yoga, Bodega, CA 6:15PM

With love and respect,

Mike Stokes

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