The Ecology of Resolution: A New Beginning for a New Age. How to succeed using nature as your guide.

Why This Workshop is So Effective:

  •    Ecosystems can be described in terms of functional principles that create abundance seemingly with little effort.  Very few of us can make substantial change on will power alone, ecosystems show us what we need to succeed without relying on will power.
  •    Applying the principles of ecosystems to your personal goals will give you the greatest chance to create success that will last.
  •    The principles of ecosystems are free to all and have been proven to work over billions of years.
  •    Applying principles of successful ecological adaptation to your personal ecosystem will help you focus your efforts in a direction that will maximize your potential to thrive
  •    Using the principles of resilient ecosystems will heal and invigorate you and everyone you touch now and for the long term.

Date    Saturday January 5, 2013 plus 8 weekly progress check-ins TBD
Time    11am-3pm
Place    The Dhyana Center, Ste 250  186 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472
Cost    Cost: $50  10 work trade seats available. 4 hours of trade for full tuition.  Some Barter Possible.  Includes the workshop and 8 weekly progress check in meetings.

   How is this workshop Different.
Most workshops just give you information and then turn you loose.  We will begin and sustain the process of creating new habits.  The Ecology of Resolution is about results.  Nature does not philosophize, nature acts and the results are beautiful and bountiful.  The main session and the progress follow up sessions are designed to maximize your potential for success and give your the progress, structure, tools and knowledge you need to sustain that success for as long as you like.  You will not be left alone to accomplish your vision.   In nature we are never alone. The level of support you will get in this seminar is unparalleled.

   Who Should Attend
The Ecology of Resolution is for anyone who is committed to the environment and/or social welfare and wants to create more in their personal and/or professional pursuits.  It is for people who want to evolve and realize more of their latent potential.  If you are serious about moving forward on your goals,willing to work for it and willing to support and be supported, then you can benefit tremendously from this workshop.

Even if you have failed on every resolution you ever made, this workshop can work for you.  This system really does work because it does not rely on willpower, it relies on the power of nature itself.

   Note    Please have, at a minimum, an idea of the area you want to work on and the result you would like to accomplish.

Who is the Instructor?
Mike Stokes, creator of The Ecology of Prosperity Training System

Mike Stokes is a Personal and Organizational Coach teaching the Ecology of Prosperity system.  He is in private practice and consults throughout California.  He is the co-founder in 2006 of Abundant Life Support Group.  He had founded and run 3 ecologically grounded businesses.  In his previous career as a yoga instructor and writer, he formulated his ecological approach to human development.  Mike currently lives in Monte Rio, CA in a small community of three households, with his supportive and loving wife Kristin, their dog Raj, and their 3 Goats: Buttermilk, Wizzy, and Mariposa

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